New Honda HR-V for sale in Brisbane

Honda HR-V Interior accessories

<img src="Accent Lighting - Foot Lights

Accent Lighting - Foot Lights

Add a cool atmosphere to your HR-V by illuminating the front footwell with the accent lighting accessory.

<img src="All Weather Rubber Mat Set

All Weather Rubber Mat Set

Help protect the carpeting of your HR-V from daily wear and tear with the tailored all weather rubber mat set.

<img src="Deluxe Tailored Mat Set - Carpet

Deluxe Tailored Mat Set - Carpet

Help to protect the carpeting of your HR-V from daily wear and tear with this tailored carpet mat set.

<img src="HondaLink Cable Kit

HondaLink Cable Kit

Use the HondaLink cable kit to connect your iPhone* to your HR-V's Display Audio unit. The cable kit includes: 1 x Apple Lightening Digital AV Adapter; 1 x Apple Lighting USB Cable (0.5m); and 1 x Belkin HDMI cable.

*Compatible with iPhone 5 running iOS7. Drive responsibly. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license

<img src="Luggage Area Protector Tray

Luggage Area Protector Tray

Tailored to fit the boot of your HR-V, ideal when carrying messy loads, protecting the interior.

<img src="Organiser Box

Organiser Box

Ensure your items are kept neatly in place with the organiser box that fits tidily in the boot of your HR-V.

<img src="Rear Bumper and Bootlip Protector

Rear Bumper and Bootlip Protector

Keep your HR-V's rear end in top-top shape with this practical posterior protector.

<img src="Sports Pedal Set

Sports Pedal Set

Optional Sports pedals are engineered from aluminium, clear coated and finished with molded rubber studs.

Honda HR-V Exterior accessories

<img src="Bike Attachment

Bike Attachment

If you think transporting your bike to a fun riding location shouldn't include taking it apart and putting it back together, the Bike Attachment is for you.

<img src="Bonnet Protector

Bonnet Protector

Help protect the front section of you all-new HR-V from chips and scratches with this hard-wearing extruding acrylic bonnet protector.

<img src="Camping Tent

Camping Tent

You'll never need a reservation when you bring your very own camping system along with you.

<img src="Cargo Step Protector

Cargo Step Protector

Protect your HR-V's bodywork from annoying scrapes and scratches when loading or unloading your boot.

<img src="Door Lower Garnish Set

Door Lower Garnish Set

Style your side doors with the garnish set.

<img src="Door Mirror Garnish Set

Door Mirror Garnish Set

Make the HR-V stand out with the addition of the silver finish door mirror garnish set.

<img src="Door Sill Garnish

Door Sill Garnish

Stainless steel finish with HR-V logo - designed to enhance and protect the sills of your new HR-V.

*Front illuminated, rear is metallic.

<img src="Door Visor Set

Door Visor Set

The hard wearing acrylic door visors improve airflow while helping to protect the HR-V's interior from water and debris.

<img src="Front Aero Bumper

Front Aero Bumper

Complement the HR-V's already stylish fron with the Front Aero Bumper, available as part of the Modulo Sports Pack or sold separately.

<img src="Front Fog Lights

Front Fog Lights

Enjoy the benefit of added visibility in foggy conditions with these stylish front fog lights.

<img src="Modulo Sports Pack

Modulo Sports Pack

With the Modulo Sports Pack, available as a full set or piece-by-piece, you can customise your HR-V so it's even sleeker, sportier, and 100% yours alone.

HR-V VTi-S shown in Taffeta White with Modulo Sports Pack, 18-inch upsize alloy*, Sports Grille# and accessory rear parking sensors. *Tyres sold separately. #Sports Grille not compatible with ADAS.

<img src="Rear Aero Bumper

Rear Aero Bumper

Style the rear of your HR-V with the rear aero bumper, available as part of the Modulo Sports Pack or sold separately.

<img src="Roof Racks Cross Bar Set

Roof Racks Cross Bar Set

Conveniently carries items such as bikes and skis on the roof of your HR-V. 75kg load capacity.

<img src="Side Step Set

Side Step Set

For easy access, add the side step set available as part of the Modulo Sports pack or sold separately.

<img src="Sports Grille

Sports Grille

Sophisticated and sporty the metal finish Sports Grille accentuates the HR-V's already distinctive styling.

*Not compatible with optional ADAS on the VTi-L

<img src="Towbar


With a maximum towing capacity of 800kg, the HR-V's Genuine Honda Towbar is designed for easy handling, complete compatibility and integration with your Honda's electrical and safety systems.

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